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Note 2 or Nexus 5? Any advice?

I'm interested in the Note 2 and the Nexus 5, I've watched plenty of YouTube reviews and so far I like that the Note 2 has expandable storage and a good battery, while I dislike that the Nexus 5 supposedly doesn't live up to what was expected with its camera. I mainly use text, camera, web browsing and the odd social media app, so that's what I care for in a phone.

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If you don't mind the screen size then I think the Note II fits the bill for you. Texting and browsing/social media is awesome on that size screen. Camera is better, removable battery and expandable storage is a definite plus, and the battery life is better too. The Nexus 5 might be a smidge faster/smoother, easier to handle size, and will get updates right away, but for the reasons stated above I'm suggesting the Note II for you.
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Jonathan I wrote:

If you don't mind the screen size then I think the Note II fits the bill for you. Texting and bro...

I agree, for what you use your device for Mikayla I'd say the Note 2 is a great choice especially for the battery which is absolutely awesome and probably the best of any device I've ever used. It's great for texting especially if you download a 3rd party keyboard from the playstore called "SwiftKey" which is the top predictive keyboard available for Android. Just make sure to set it up to learn from your texts, Facebook, Twitter ect on your typing style and after awhile it will predict words so well you'll be able to just type using the predictions pretty much it's awesome. The S-Pen also brings some awesome functionality if your artistic or like the clip out pics to show your friends ect. The Note 2 is still one of my favorite phones of all time but that's not taking away from how much I like the Nexus 5 which is an awesome phone in its its self and just lacks a little in the battery department and it isn't the loudest device but has a much sharper display that is easier to see in direct sunlight and is definitely faster as it has the most powerful processor available right now. Your not going to have any issues with either phone and I think you'll love whichever one feels better in your hands, so hit the store and just try them both out and you'll know better from that then any of us telling you which to choose.
I just got the Nexus 5 2 weeks ago and I love it! As soon as I got it home and connected my wifi it automatically downloaded the lastest update of Kit Kat. So impressed! Its fast and smooth. The camera takes a bit for you to get used to. but I don't mind it and I mainly use my phones for the same reasons as you do! 🙂 I think it takes good pictures. As for external space, I didn't mind getting the Nexus b/c I don't use my phone to hold movies or music. So far its just apps and photos from my camera that I take with it. I think I'll have plenty of room and then some!!! And battery life - well, I think its not too bad. I can go 2 days with out recharging, but then again, I'm a relatively light user. I too was considering the Note 2 at the time, but went with the Nexus b/c faster updates and no need for external SD.
I decided on the Note 2 and I love it! Thanks for all the advice!