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Note 2 hotspot issues

I have an unlocked Note 2. Apn settings are good to go and all seems to work. However I cannot get the device to create a hotspot. Everything indicates that it's connected and lists the devices that are apparently connected but when you try to load a page nothing happens. Anyone have a solution? Did I miss a setting somewhere? I've not had a problem with any of my other unlocked devices.

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Did you set a password on the Note 2 so nobody else can connect to it in your area?
Tried with and without password. I've worked with this sort of stuff for years and I even went to my tech dept to see if they could think of anything I may have missed.
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hmmmm lots of note 2 problems popping up here...
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Hey Shawna, were you able to get the issue resolved? 🙂
No. I think it could be LAN settings on the computers but that doesn't explain why other devices like e-readers or ipads won't load web pages. I'm stumped...
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Hey Shawnna, Did you get hot spot working on your Galaxy Note 2? If not I'll try to get mine working on mine. I just have to get my laptop out & dust it off lol. Since I got the original Note & Note 2 I haven't had any need for a PC at all, I do everything from my Note 2 Now.
Still not working. Would appreciate the help.
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Does your data work normally when just using the Note 2 for browsing and such?
Yes it does.
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hmm...well, let's hope Kid Android has some ideas. I know Koodo reps on the phone cannot assist...
Shawnna. I had same problem on a locked n2. Try two things. 1) change the channel you are using (while in the hotspot select configure, select the box for additional options and change channel to 1,6, or 11... 2) leave the hotspot screen on while you connect on your computer.... also... fyi... make sure your phone is in a good spot for receiving a signal... 🙂 good luck... let me know... xoxo da'girl
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Hey Shawnna try these steps: Step 1: Change the Channel of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 WiFi If you facing problem after setting the Wi-Fi then change the channel. I think if you change the channel of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 WiFi can help. Downloading wifi analyser from the google play store and it'll help you identify a less crowded channel to try. Step 2: Remove all Cordless Devices of the Same Range like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 WiFi If you have a cordless phone and other devices in your house that operates same range of frequency like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 WiFi. Then you faced problem when you want to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 WiFi with WI-Fi. So remove the entire cordless phone and other devices that operate in the same WI-Fi frequency like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 WiFi. Step 3: Change Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Channel Frequency to a Lower Number If you have facing problem connection your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with WiFi,I suggest you change your current channel frequency to a lower number. I think this will work. If these don't work, try calling Samsung for further assistance.
@dagirl. Unfortunately didn't work.@Mycheal. My model is the I317 which comparing to the N7100 I believe the difference is LTE which is what mine is. It's automatically set to auto so I tried a lower frequency and it didn't work. Keep the suggestions coming. 🙂
did you ever get this working. my unlocked note 2 also won't connect to my laptop. tether works fine with my nexus 4. same settings in both phones.
ok i got it working. do a search on youtube for wifi tether TrevE mod. you will have to root the device, but tethering works perfectly.
I was searching and i finally found this guide that is very helpful for Note 2, s3 and S4 follow the link. http://howik.com/Turn_your_Samsung_Galaxy_Note_II,_s3_or_s4_into_a_wifi_hotspot_to_share_internet_with_your_laptop_wirelessly
This was not helpful. 😞 This guide is only good for people who don't know how to use technology and therefore need the step by step process how to set hotspot up. It does not fix the hotspot not working issue...
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Shawnna Taylor wrote:

This was not helpful. 😞 This guide is only good for people who don't know how to use technol...

Chances are, your original post was not read in its complete form. Since all suggestions here do not seem to work, I would suggest calling Samsung to see if they can help or...It pains me to say it...see about getting a new phone if you really need that tethering. If that is not a wanted option, see about other ways to get internet to those other devices since everything else is working fine on the phone you currently have
Changed address in Tethered Mobile Network from isp.mb.com to sp.koodo.com and works charm.