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Not sending texts

I've been trying to send texts to friends and I have been wondering why I haven't been getting responses. I have found that the texts I've been sending haven't been getting received by them I'm just wondering why. I have tried turning my phone on and off and I've removed my SIM card to no avail.

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Hi Justine,

Is it everyone or just certain people? Did you recently change your phone?
It's everyone. I just recently started using koodo. I used to be with Bell.
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How long since you switched? Did it ever work?
Just switched on Wednesday. It works sporadically. Sometimes the texts go through and sometimes they don't.
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Are you using a koodo phone? What phone exactly do you have?
Yes I am using a koodo phone. I have a nexus 5
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Hi Justine,  

You may be experiencing what we call "mixed services". In other words, some of your services may not have been completely transferred yet. This is something that happens fairly regularly with transfers but usually only last a few days.

If this continues happening, please let us know. Thank you 🙂