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"not registered on Network" most of the time !!!!

Been with Koodo since 2013 and this "not registered on Network" most of the time is not the kind of service we signed up for.. seriously we are paying monthly for this not registered on Network crap .. and they can't seem to fix this problem though we still continue to pay our monthly dues for all the missed calls we've had due to this.. so not fair for our pockets. Anyone have idea how else to solve this ..

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Hello Jacqueline,

It's been since 2013 that you have this problem and it's only now that you come on the community? Are you in an area that is covered by Koodo's network?
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What type of phones are you using? have you tried to contact Koodo before, 2013-2017 is a long period of time.
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Have you been using the same phone over that period of time, or has this issue cropped up with several phones? That is a long time to have an issue like that without a fix.

Also, where are you located? I'm just asking to see how the Telus/Koodo/Bell network coverage is in your area.