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Not receiving texts or calls on time

I got another sim card and I reset my phone to factory and I still cannot recieve texts or calls on time. I have the S6, so I cannot take out the battery. Also, I have called tech support and they have said nothing is wrong and to take it in for a new sim card, which I did but with this new sim card I'm still having the exact same problem. I feel like my only option now is to take my phone into koodo, but what will the result of that be? What kind of loaner phone will I receive and will all my contacts still be backed up onto that loaner phone? What if the loaner phone does the same thing as my S6 is doing? Also, from what I've read online it's a cell tower problem that it's just got getting received properly for my phone so sending it in for repair and getting getting a new sim card won't do anything. How do I get a ticket into the cell tower for them to fix the issue?

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Hello Michelle

I understand how frustrating your problem can be. I'll try and help you the best I can. Are you only having problems with text messages? Everything else works normallY?
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Hi Michelle, how long have you been having these issues? Did it happen after updating your phone to 5.1.1? can you try to disable LTE on your phone? It could help. Thank you!
Yes! It's been happening since the update. I turned off the LTE, I changed it to WCDMA/GSM and turned my WiFi off during sleep to "Never". Now it works. Is koodo doing anything to fix the update?
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Koodo isn't,  but Samsung will be 
Updates come from the manufacturer and then to Koodo and then to you.