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Not receiving texts from certain friends on Nexus 4.

Some of my friends can't send texts to my Nexus 4. The messages either freeze and don't send, or they have to keep trying repeatedly until it gets through hours later. They are all on iPhone, however another friend with an iPhone managed to get through without a problem. When I turn off the WiFi an exclamation point appears over the Signal Bars which are showing full strength. It goes away when I turn WiFi on again. I have restarted my phone, and taken out the SIM card, neither have helped. Any experience with this problem or ideas on how to fix it?

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Did you used to have an iPhone before your Nexus 4? If so, https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage and unregister your phone number from iMessage. Otherwise from what you've said, the issue is not on your end. It's theirs so they would need to look into the issue.
nope, I never had an iPhone. I thought it would be their problem, but do you know why there is the exclamation point on my signal bars? That makes me think it's a problem on my end