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Not receiving texts

I'm not getting a lot of text messages. Random ones in the middle of conversations and whole conversations from some people... anyone else having this problem?

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If you're not able to receive texts, go to settings and make sure you have 3g enabled and your phone is not set to 2g or gsm only. Secondly, if the problem is texts coming in randomly, try pulling out the battery and sim card for about 30 seconds then reinserting sometimes a refresh fixes problems. Also you could toggle airplane mode on and off.
Im getting some but it's super random which i am and which i'm not. i tried taking the sim out and rebooting, airplane mode on and off. my friend said her messages werent sending to a few people so i thought it might have been her phone until i realized it was a few other people that i wasnt receiving from. maybe a problem with another companys service.