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Not receiving some texts, sending texts fine (Old sim in new unlocked phone)

Hey all, My last phone broke recently so I switched over to an unlocked ASUS ZenFone 2 that my roommate wasn't using. I put my sim from my recently deceseased LG G3 into the phone on Friday and it seemed everything worked fine but now I am not receiving some texts. I can send texts fine and after testing with multiple people I found that I would receive all of certain people's texts, about half of the texts sent from another friends phone, and only receive about 1 out of 15 texts from my girlfriends phone. I make calls fine, and my message usage on Self Serve shows that messages were received from all these numbers, although lots of them do not make it to my phone. Any tips on what to do to solve this?

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Have you tried simply restarting your phone? This tends to fix most issues like this.
Yes I have restarted it and taken the sim card out for a few minutes a couple of times now with no noticable progress