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Not receiving short codes from the USA

I'm not receiving short codes from my bank (wells fargo) in the USA. Any ideas why? I'm on a monthly plan.

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Are you able to receive the short codes on a US cellphone number? I don't know of any Canadian banks that send short codes SMS. I can imagine that cross-boarder short codes could be tricky.
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I'd see that problem with the bank as they may not be able to send cross-border short codes...
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For short codes to work at all, there have to be arrangements between customers and carriers. There are a lot of 800-numbers, for example, that are only valid in the US or in Canada, while some work in both. The party ordering the service can specify and pay for the scope they want.

Given the small number customers and potential security concerns, it's usually not on any US bank's list of priorities to pay for or extend arrangements with "foreign" carriers.