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Not receiving random text messages

I have a moto z play and recently I haven't been receiving some text messages. I can be texting with someone and then nothing. I'll ask why they didn't respond and they'll take a screen shot and show me they did, but I didn't receive that message. It seems to be sporadic messages that I'm not getting and it's not just from one person. I've cleared my cache, deleted all my text messages and have done a factory reset and none of it had helped.

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Hello David, 

Are those people using iPhones? Did you have an iPhone before?
One is one isn't. I have not had an iPhone with koodo
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What I might thought the problem was is that you forgot to deactivate iMessage therefore an iPhone would send it as an iMessage and it will never deliver. But it looks like this is not the problem here. 

At that point, I might consider calling Koodo at *611 to see if it's not a problem on Koodo's end...
Yea I had an iPhone with a different company but not koodo and not this number. I phoned and they are replacing the phone since I have the extended warranty, but they don't have any moto z plays left so getting an LG G4 as a replacement