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Not receiving long distance phone calls - LG 3

Ever since I got a notice about changes to voicemail I have been unable to receive long distance calls, the person call gets sent straight to voicemail and I get a notification that I missed a call. Please help as I have a lot of family outside my area!! 

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Hi Clarissa,

Voicemail should not affect your reception of long distance calls. Try shutting down the phone, remove the SIM card for a few minutes and try it all again. 
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If that doesn't work which it should , try holding the power button while the battery is out for 30 seconds.
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Hey Clarissa,

Have you tried Mathieu's and Chad's suggestion? Rebooting your phone should help to refresh and establish a better network connection. Are you unable to receive calls from multiple users or is it a specific contact? You can ask them to try rebooting their phones too.

Keep us posted please!
Yes I've tried both of those, it's multiple users both my brother and mom. I am able to receive local calls no problem.
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I think you're better off talking to tech support about this. We've done the usual troubleshooting. I've never heard of this issue. This seems like an unexpected side effect of the new voicemail system. I suggest calling in to speak with them. 1-866-995-6636