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not receiving all text messages on my lg g5

Something is going on with my phone (Lg G5) that I purchased in July 2017.

For some reason I do not always receive texts from people.  At first I thought it was just people  using an iPhone and that they maybe were sending me an imessage by mistake.  But nope, a few people with apple and without Apple phones show me the texts they've sent me...and I did not receive them at all.  Very frustrating.  In some cases we could have been chatting on text and a couple would come through, then nothing...very annoying.

I have called Koodo and they reset my account and it fixed it for about 10 minutes...

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hello Connie,

Unfortunately, I'm not experiencing this issue. Maybe it's your SIM card? Try downloading another messaging app?
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Hi, Intermittent network could be caused by many reasons though. It is hard to pinpoint where. It happens to me 1,2 times per year. Most of the time, it was fixed automatically.

If it happens again, I would suggest you reset the network settings and see it could resolve by itself first. It helped me.
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Text messages are store and forward technology, and are notoriously fickle. If you are not getting a response to a text you send, wither re-send it, or try another means of communication to reach the party you are trying to communicate with.

Hi Connie,
I think you should also check with LG if they are getting other similar complaints with this model of phone. I hate to tell you this but I have had nothing but problems with any technological LG products. Does your phone seem to really heat up?? If so that could be the first sign that it could be faulty.

I really hope you get this resolved soon. It must be sooo frustrating for you. Until then ask those that may be sending you important texts to put a confirmation/resend on the messages they send you. (Sorry forgot the name). But if their phone doesn't get pinged by your phone that the transmission was successful it will resend the message.

Good luck. If you find out what the cause was please let me know.

Hi Connie, have you found a resolution to this problem? My wife's LG G5 is behaving the same way. My LG G5 doesn't have the problem. Thanks