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Not receiving all my SMS and MMS.

Friends and family will ask why I'm not answering them back or why didn't I say something about photos they've sent and I'm not receiving their all messages and photos. My sister sat right beside me and sent me photos and I still haven't received them! I only seem to get some of their texts and photos. How can I get this fixed? Friends and family are on various service providers, sister is on my frequent five, and it seems to be mostly from out of town. Haven't missed any sms or mms from friends in the same city as me. Yet. HTC One V. WIFI only.

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You put wifi only, Photos can't be sent over wifi they have to be sent using data through Koodo
but i am getting some photos. just not all of them. i have received all photos from my friends in town and i'm only on wifi. just not getting all the photos sent from family from out of town. but it's not just photos... it's regular text messages i'm not getting from others out of town as well.
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Hi there ! Please call a tech by dialing 1-866-995-6636 (option #6) from a landline in order to have your phone available for complete troubleshooting. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.