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Not happy with new phone

I just recently switched from iPhone 6 to LG G4 and I'm not happy with the display and the camera quality. I have got this new phone 4 weeks ago and I'm passed the 15 day trial period and was wondering if I could switch to an Galaxy S5 Neo or S7 and pay the difference or can there be an exception because it is a new phone that I only used for work. The S5 and G4 are the same price so I could switch but I'd like to I ow of its possible or am I stuck with this phone until I pay it off. I'm from Canada and I have the extended warranty.

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You might find someone who loves the LG G4 and wants to make a swap with you. But, yes, as you suspect, once past the 15 day trial period the phone is not returnable except for warranty issues.

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Unfortunately phones cannot be returned for refund or exchange once it passes the 15 day period trail period.

Your best bet is to sell your phone and then get another one