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Non-tab purchased phone, where do I enroll for the (10%) discount?

I bought a phone without using my tab space. I recall there being a discount for people who "bring their own phone" to a plan. Where can I execute this discount?

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Unfortunately, that discount has now been applied to the newer plans. So in order to get the "discount" you'd need to change your plan to one of the currently offered plans.
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Now they are called No Tab Plans which already have the discount included in them and even more in some of them such as the 45$ 1GB instead of 60$! All these plans are on the website and can be activated by calling Customer Service!
Thanks all.
Well, I went to a Koodo desk and they said I had to sign up online for a new plan. I did just that, but the $38 plan I saw in the brochure was $45. Is the $38 price only offered for new clients? My tab is more than paid off, I may as well cancel and sign-up again if that's the case.