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No zigzag icon anymore

My wife and I have the same LG Android and I can connect to my wi-fi and go to the internet and e-mails, but she cannot. The zig zag icon shows up on mine to indicate that I have a wi-fi connection, but hers doesn't and she gets a continuously circling arrow that never connects. In the beginning she did get the connection. What does she do to get a connection? On the settings page it says she is connected to our wi-fi modem, but can't hook up to anything. It goes to the google page and never progresses past the circling arrow behind the address.

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Hi Richard, This might be a longshot... but I had the same issue once and it turned out the router had maxed out on its connections... it had nothing to do with the phone. Try resetting both the router (just switch it off for a few minutes) and do the same with her phone. It might resolve the problem, if not, let us know 😃
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Powercycle phone, reset wi-fi connection by dialing *#*#526#*#* to reset wi-fi. it it works on LG Android, turn off/on router again