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No Voicemail Notification Blows!!

When I get a phone call i get the phone call icon no problem. BUT, I have no way of knowing I have been left a without specifically going into my voicemail to find out!! What's with this? Am I missing something (hope so). Android Samsung4 Android Samsung4

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That's super odd. That notification is handled by a special sms message sent to the phone by the carrier. I recommend restarting your phone and then calling yourself from another phone and leave a message If you still don't have the notifications, call Koodo and ask for tech support. It's free. Edit: open the phone app and then hit the menu key. Navigate to voice mail settings and make sure voice mail is set to "my carrier"
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Do a "safe mode" boot. I had to do that with mine for something and it actually helped. So with your phone, shut it off. When you turn it back on, have your finger on the volume down button and on the home button when the first Samsung comes up. Hold until you see the SAFE MODE on your screen. What this does is if you have something interfering with something for it to not be able to work, it will work here. So it can be something on your phone that you may have on there.