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No top ups?

my phone will not let me make a call to top up my prepaid card, when I call it just hangs up and because it is prepaid I cant even make other calls to find help with my minutes. could someone please help??

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Calling customer service is always free so not having minutes isn't the issue. Maybe it's just a phone glitch? Are you using an S III or Moto G by any chance?
im using a Samsung galaxy and I've never had this problem before. I got 3 text from koodo in one day saying that my account will run out in 3 days, then two days then it has.....but they were all in the same day and now I cant even use the phone action on it, I cqn dial the numbers and press call but it doesn't ring just hangs up
never mind thank you for helping but I found out a way, I called koodo help line then called *611 and it worked...I don't know if it was the sequence or what but it worked so thanks again:)
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Well that's why I asked if you were using an S III specifically, because they were having issues calling out for a few months after 4.3 came out that got fixed with a Samsung firmware update so if you don't have that update that might have been the reason why. Glad you got it working, though.