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I'm not on a tab or anything but I have a monthly bill plan. Am I able to upgrade? I know my plan is 50$ but I can remember them saying they were gonna take 5$ each time for something and I've had my phone now for about 6 months. Does anyone know if I can still upgrade..

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Check self serve and be sure you don't have A tab. Another question would b how much did you pay for your iPhone when you got it. If you don't have a tab or even if you did you can upgrade whenever you like. Just pay off your existing tab and choose your new phone. A heads up though, koodo has changed the way the tabs work so now you are responsible to pay for 100%of the phone. Koodo only loans you the money now but you pay it back without contributions from Koodo.
Where would I look in my self serve to see my tab? The 5 essentials cause I can't get into that. I paid 150 upfront for my phone ! And I'm almost positive the guy told me I didn't have a tab
Oh and I don't have an iPhone.
Nope no tab !
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Hi there, it seems that you ready for an upgrade then 🙂 Simply go to a Koodo store and choose a new phone! You can find the closest store here http://koo.do/kdostore. You'll find more information about the new Koodo Tab on this link http://koo.do/13CwTRu. Enjoy your new phone 🙂