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"No Sim Card | Emergency Only" Help !!

"No Sim Card | Emergency Only" message on my phone. Koodo has disappeared from the list of available mobile networks. I can only see (Rogers 2G), (Bell 3G), (Telus 3G), (Emergency calls only 3G) I've been a Koodo customer since March 29th. Using this phone on the Koodo network for over a week with no problems. Sony Xperia Ray ST18a This happened random and all of a sudden! I've removed the battery and SIM card while the phone was powered on. Waited 2 minutes and re-installed both pieces. Still no go. If I re-install my Telus SIM card I get a different type of message "SIM card not provisioned" or something close to this message. Is it possible my SIM card became defective???? I have no landline I can contact Koodo from. #611 doesn't work either, as there is "No SIM card." What can I do moving forward?! Help!

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If you have no access to calling koodo from mobile phone or landline, e-mail them asap, they will reply with in 24 hours 🙂 Here is the link to get you started! https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/portlets/contactUs/ContactUs.portlet?wlp_version=9
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Koodo and telus are the same network. Try connecting to that one.
I've tried connecting all 3 of the major listed networks that appear. none seem to get me back up and running. I've e-mailed Koodo support and lets see what comes of this. *Le Sigh.
**UPDATE** This maybe because I can't connect to a mobile carrier... but I've tried to re-add the KOODO SP to my APN list, and after entering all the information and selecting "Save" the APN list stays blank. Confirmed after Power Cycling Battery and SIM while powered on. again. *Le Sigh. I'll sit tight and wait to hear back from Koodo tech via e-mail. in the mean time, I may stop by a Koodo Kiosk and see if it's the SIM card. I'll this thread updated
*******FIXED!!******* The SIM Card failed. replaced it at a Koodo Kiosk and everything is awesome now. Thanks Koodo Employees!!!!!!!!