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No sim card!?!?

My Samsung Galaxy Ace has started saying that there is no sim card when there is, and I am no longer able to send or receive text messages because of that 😕 what should i do?

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Check to be sure the phone isn't in "use 2g only" mode Settings...wireless and networks...mobile networks. The Ace is an aging entry level android that Samsung doesn't even support anymore. You may be better off to replace it with something better like a Moto G or even a BlackBerry Q5. Both are priced at 150$ outright (on post paid) You might even have some tab room which could bring the price down considerably
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One common cause for that message is having "use only 2G networks" activated, since Koodo doesn't have a 2G network it will cause errors. Otherwise, the SIM may have gotten misaligned, try removing it for a few seconds then put it back.
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Having the phone set to 2G only will cause the galaxy ace to say 'unregistered sim', not 'no sim'. A 'no sim' error is definitely between the phone and the sim card.
Maybe you actually don't have a sim card?