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No service on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Since this morning, I have no service on my phone. My bill is paid. I am in Ontario with a Canada-wide plan. I have done a soft reset, I have removed the battery and sim card and reinserted them. I have tried manually connecting to the Koodo network, and get the message "Unable to connect". I have reset the APN to default, and tried setting to automatically connect to a preferred network. Roaming is not on.

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If Yu can, put your Sim card in another device to see if the problem follows. If you cannot do this, go to a Koodo store, wasn't bestbuy, or wherever that will have a demo Koodo Sim and demo device to try both your phone and Sim card.
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Where did you buy this neo?
Chad Burr wrote:

Where did you buy this neo?

I bought it directly from Koodo, online.
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Hi Emilio! I see that you've been able to use the service. Hope all is good now :)