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No Service message on phone.

I've had a No Service message showing up for the last 24 hours at least. Not just from home, where it is fine, but from other places. No Service. This is my first ever smart/cell phone so I'm not familiar with how this works.

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Try pulling the battery and sim card out for a few mins and reassemble and try again to see if it works
As I mentioned I'm brand new to this. I did find a video of how to remove the back from a Moto G, so after completely shutting down the phone I opened the back, removed the sim card and waited for a while. The battery is not made to be removed though. It appears to be working ok again. I've only had this phone for a week today and it's my first ever shift away from my landline, so I have a lot to learn.
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Perfect. Glad it's all working for you.
Thanks for the help. Cheers.