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No service-LG Nexus

I'm not getting any reception on my Nexus for the past two days. This means no calls or 3G. I've tried all the usual tips, like turning the phone off and back on, and checking airplane mode isn't on. I'd really like service ASAP as I may be missing calls and not know it. I can't phone Koodo as I don't have a second phone.

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Where did you buy your phone?
Chad Burr wrote:

Where did you buy your phone?

Best Buy
Sorry my english, i would try to restart as manufacturers. Im sure some downloads you did bugged your phone. Or in your settings something's wrong. Good luck
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Make sure you try taking out the SIM card when you're turning the phone off and on to ensure it's making a secure connection upon resinsertion. Ensure your account is in good standing and your bill is paid up. Try going to a Koodo shop and ask to test one of their devices with your SIM card. If it also doesn't work, then you can simply replace the card. If it works in the other device, however, then your phone has an issue reading SIMs and might need to be repaired.
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Hey Alexandra! Were you able to figure things out?  If so, can you let us know what worked? If not, I second Jonathan's suggestion, to try the SIM card in a different phone. Keep us in the loop!
I got help at Best Buy. Things were looking questionable even after a factory reset so I opted to upgrade my phone while I was there since my tab was almost up. Thanks for the help!