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No service for now about 15h

I cant call receive- send any txt since 15hours now...

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Hi Alexandre, What steps have you tried in this time to get your service back? Have you tried pulling the battery and sim card out of the phone and starting your phone over again and seeing if that fixes the issue? If you can provide a few details we can help look into what might be causing the issue.
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Has your phone been reported as lost or stolen? Make sure that you have 3G enabled on your phone. Try pulling battery and SIM card for about 30 sec, replacing them and then turning the phone back on....if your battery does not come out try putting your phone into flight mode for about 20 sec, and thenturn off flight mode, turn off your phone, and turn it back on. If these do not work then try to give koodo technical support a call ( 1-866-995-6636) and speak with an agent. Please keep in mind that we will probably have you check on these things again, and probably redo them again, as there are various aspects of troubleshooting that needs to be done in order to get you up and working as quickly as possible.
well from now, i tryed to take off the battery and also the sim card... but it seems that the problem is still there
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Where are you? Did it working before? Are you porting number from other service provider?
I come from Quebec, Canada yes it was all working good since last night... couldnt send message since 19h30 last night
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If suggestions above didn't work... Do you have a different Koodo phone (or unlocked phone) to check if your sim card/phone works? Or Is it possible to go to a Koodo store to check them both. If your sim card works in different device, there is something wrong with your phone. If your sim card doesn't work, you can get a new one.