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no service/ emergency calls only

I just joined Koodo at the end of the summer. I bought a brand new Android Ace 2. Everything was great with it until last weekend. I lost my phone- so then I suspended the service. My phone ended up being returned to me and I tried to restore my service however my phone continues to say "no service, emergency only". I called Koodo and they said that online it showed that my account was active. I went into the Koodo kiosk at my local mall and they thought something was perhaps wrong with the sim card so they put another one in but the same error message is still showing up. I've read other forums on here and tried taking the battery and sim card out for 3 minutes and going to the mobile network settings on my phone but nothing is working. Also, the guy at the kiosk didn't know how to further assist me! Can someone please try to help me here!!! Alyssa

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Try this Settings...wireless and networks...more...mobile networks. Check to be sure "Use GSM only" or "use 2g only" are NOT selected If your network selection is set to automatic, change it to manual and scan for koodo If it's set to manual change to automatic. Restart Let us know.
i tried no luck 😞