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No Service?

  • 9 October 2013
  • 5 replies

all day long my phone (nexus4 on koodo prepaid) has said "Emergency Calls Only" on it and had no access to any of the networks, even though i activated it friday and it worked great all weekend... anyone got any ideas why?

5 replies

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Turn off the phone. Pull out the SIM card, make sure that it is properly housed in the SIM card adapter, then re-insert it into the phone. Turn on the phone.
check... did all that and still same situation... just for good measure, i will try it again tho
i called customer service from another phone, and he had me turn off mobile wireless then unselect "use 25 network only" then search again for networks... koodo came up in about 1 minute. problem resolved!
Hello! I am having the same problem as you and I don't quite understand how you fixed it. How do you turn off mobile Wireless? How do you unselect "use 25 network only". Thank you for your help!
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Menu →Settings →Wireless and Networks→ Mobile networks →Uncheck "Use only 2G networks"