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No return text from another KOODO account

I switched from Virgin mobile to KOODO last year. When I send a text to a friend who also has KOODO the text has Vmobile at the end. As a result when he texts back I do not receive the text. We have had no sucess at fixing this and it only occurs on his phone.

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Thats really odd, Where exactly does the text say Vmobile??? Can you post a screen shot with your personal information removed? Can you ask him to delete you from his contacts and then redo the entry? I'm thinking the problem is more on his phone.
We have deleted my contacts on his phone, and we do believe the problem lies on his phone.
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What happens if he texts you directly, Meaning he doesn't add you from the contacts. he just enters your number. Also you may want to take a look at the messaging settings in your phone. is your phone a koodo phone? Is it an unlocked virgin phone? Did you just port your number last year? The Message service center may need to be adjusted on your phone.
When he returns I will see if we can display the tag concerning Vmobile
my phone is galaxy ace. texting works fine with other people. It seems to be just his phone. I just checked and the reply path setting was not checked. I will ask him to do the same