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No NFC SIM Cards in Thunder Bay?

I am in Thunder Bay and I went to get a NFC SIM card from the Koodo kiosk. The employee I spoke with didn't know what an NFC SIM was and said that they don't have them. Best Buy also sells Koodo phones/plans here, but they didn't have any either.

I saw that NFC enabled SIM Cards have been available at Koodo Shops since June 15, 2015 on the website: https://www.koodomobile.com/mobilepayments. What's up?

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SIM card distribution has the same priority as shooting themselves in the foot. Had to drive 100km return trip a month ago to find a simple prepaid SIM. Re-sellers no longer allowed to carry, apparently, according to local Walmart.
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Hi Lucas,

You are right, Koodo sells NFC SIM Cards since June 15th. However, third party stores like Best Buy only carry the standard SIM card, they don't even carry the pre-paid ones. The associate probably did not know what it was and was not trained properly. I find there is a HUGE lack of communication with the retail reps when it comes to new stuff Koodo is releasing. 

The NFC Sim card is an Orange 3-in-1 card. All kiosks are supposed to have them so you should try going again and asking for one, if they are confused tell them it's an orange SIM card, if not, pull out your phone with the link you posted above.
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Hi Lucas!

If you came last night to inquire about the cards, we had two of our newer part-timers working, so I have a feeling that they maybe didn't realize we had them (or possibly what they are, or both), but rest assured, we DO have them (lots of them).  Please come back when it's best for you, and we'll happily sell you one!!