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no network July 26 2016

Randomly got disconnected from the network.. Been having intermittent disruptions when playing Pokemon Go. Now I can't even connect back onto a network for calls.. 

Please help@!

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Which phone do you have ? Have you restarted your phone toggled airplane mode and pulled out your Sim card for a minute ? Try putting the Sim card in another phone and vice versa see if the problem follows. Do you have connection issues every where or just select locations ?
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Random disconnects are often due to a faulty SIM or phone. Download a signal tester from the PlayStore and next time it happens check out your signal strength to see if it's stable and at a decent value.

For the time being, I would suggest shutting down, pulling the SIM and restarting (yes, you will get an error message but it will flush and refresh your connection). Replace the SIM after about 15 minutes and try again.

Failing that, if it's not too inconvenient, head over to a Koodo boutique to try one of their SIMs in your phone and your SIM in one of their phones. That may help isolate the problem. If it's the phone, you can try a factory reset, but make sure you have backed up all your data. If it's the SIM, it's an easy, inexpensive replacement.