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I haven't had network service at home since Saturday, October 26th. It was sporadic over the weekend so I called tech support and they reset the sim card but now I don't have ANY network service at all. No phone, no data (unless I connect to wifi), can't send or receive texts either. And it doesn't matter if I'm standing in my driveway or I'm in my house. But when I leave my property, I have data, I can place or receive phone calls and receive texts but I can't SEND a text or reply to one. I'm in Walkerton, Ontario and I know they're putting up a new tower on the west side of town (off of Thomas Street) but I can't go until November 21st (the "live" date for the tower) without cellular service and it doesn't make sense that I can't send a text regardless of where I am. Anyone else having these problems in the area? Or does anyone have a clue what's going on because so far, I'm being told nothing and I can't spend another 3 hours on the phone with Tech Support and a Manager.

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I'm pretty sure someone said there has been a delay/problem in the texting servers in a previous post. Keep us posted. so when you leave your property, everything works except for texting? Does your house have thick brick/ concrete walls or are you usually in the basement? Usually signal doesn't get through in a place that.
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It looks like you are near the border of Koodo's (expanding) coverage area. In this case, you may want to set your phone to connect explicitly to Koodo. From your Android phone, go to Settings > Mobile network settings > Network operators, and select Koodo from the list of operators (it may show up as Telus, in which case select Telus).