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No network after calling to unock phone

I called at 14:07 today to see if i could unlock my phone. I do have a tab balance, i just wanted to see what are my options. I was then asked to hit 2 if i wanted to unlock my phone and so i hit '2'. then the phone got disconnected. Now to shows full bars but no LTE. I can call 611(too busy or it drops) but no internet.

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The call centre is currently overwhelmed due to the current pre-Christmas promotion. If you can wait a day or two, the call volumes should return to normal, OR you can send a Private Message through their Facebook page, or a DM via Twitter, to avoid waiting on the phone.

Hmm, ya it makes sense. It couple of hours till i get home. Then will contact via facebook.

Is there any other way i can get it unlocked ?
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Can you text or call others?