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No mobile network service after moving to my new apartment

Just moved into a new apartment with my LG G3 phone on the Koodo network. I had service for the first three days I was moved in, then suddenly woke up one morning to no mobile network. My reception icon on the phone shows no bars and a symbol, rotating constantly. I've been waiting for the connection to re-establish for about three days, with no luck.

I paid my phone bill just recently, and I've gone outside to make sure my building wasn't blocking the signal somehow - no luck. My mobile network setting is on GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto, and I've used the mobile network settings to search for cell carriers in the area. Several show up, like Koodo, EXT, and Bell, but I can't connect to any of them (connect attempt fails after several minutes). I've also checked my airplane mode settings and removed the SIM and battery and powered the phone off and on. My WI-FI and bluetooth seem to be working fine, but my phone still just reads: no mobile network - emergency calls only. Is there anything else I should be trying before I take the phone in to the local Koodo kiosk?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Try picking a mobile network setting that doesn't have GSM in it. Other than that I'm out of dieas on your end. It could be a tower issue as well. If the network setting thing I suggest doesn't work, I'd call it in. You'll probably also be fasked to do a factory reset.
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Go to a Koodo kiosk and ask to test your SIM and possibly your phone with another SIM
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Where did you buy your G3? If you got it from Kijiji or some other type of retailer other than buying it new I suggest you run the imei through the international lost / stolen phone data base. http://www.protectyourdata.ca/check-t...
If the phone is listed you should contact the seller and ask them to call the carrier and remove it from the database. If you don't have any luck and you have legit contact info for the seller, call the police non emergency line and report that someone sold you a possible stolen phone.
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You can also try picking only GSM/WCDMA auto to see if it helps grab the network. Someone on the forum states it provides better signal strength. Worth a try at this point im sure.
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In this particular instance, if you can't get a signal, no amount of messing with network types will resolve the issue. I've mentioned in the past that WCDMA only - minus GSM, often results in better reception, provided you have a signal to work with. Trying other carriers won't work. If Koodo won't 'register' on the network, this usually points to a problem with the SIM card. Although rare, there could be a problem with the cell tower that services your area. If you have access to a friends' phone or a landline, you can call in and check for service outages: 1-866-995-6636 option 6 for tech support.