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No Mobile data on Galaxy nexus

I have switched to koodo a couple days ago and kept my phone from my previous provider (unlocked galaxy nexus). everything works great expect for data. I bought the 30$/month 100mb plan, the calling and texting works fine but i dont get any data, i dont have the only 2G networks option selected i have the telus access point name chosen i have data enabled any ideas?

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if you have APN set to telus(sp.koodo.com), and your network operator is koodo, then it may be a problem on koodo's end, consider calling koodo support.
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You cannot have the telus APN. That would be sp.telus.com It needs to be sp.koodo.com as Evan stated. Here is a list of the full settings that SHOULD be in the phone for your data to work... Koodo APN programming:  APN: sp.koodo.com  Proxy server:  Port: 80  Username: leave blank  Password: leave blank  Server: leave blank  MMSC: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc  Proxy server:  Port: 80  MCC: 302  MNC: 220  Authentication type: None  APN type: leave blank if there is anything after those settings, just leave them if there is an APN protocol, that shold be at IPv4
the only APN available is "TELUS - sp.telus.com", would this cause a problem?
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erikmm5 wrote:

the only APN available is "TELUS - sp.telus.com", would this cause a problem?

You have to create a new one with the settings above and erase the Telus one.
yes it would, make a new APN/edit the telus APN with the settings Tyler C provided.
after changing the apn, mmsc and the proxys to the values Tyler C gave it works fine, thanks for the quick help guys
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You are very welcome. Enjoy!
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Good news Erik! Enjoy your phone with Koodo and welcome in the Koodo family!