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no minimums needed to get data plans

instead of having to get the minimum 15 dollar unlimited texting plan as a necessity in order to get a data plan on your prepaid phone, it should just be allowed to buy only the data plan and nothing else.  I dont like being forced into buying something i didnt want in the first place.

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People need to realize that pricing on something like this is designed as an integrated whole, and you can't unravel one particular bit. Koodo wants a certain minimum revenue from a customer each month, to cover overhead and provide a base revenue stream. The unlimited texting is basically a throwaway; consider it the "koodo membership fee". As it is, Koodo's prepaid seems remarkably "clean". You still have arbitrary plans you are funnelled into, but the minutes and data are true pay-per-use, unlike monthly quotas that don't roll over. I wound up on a monthly postpaid when I switched since I got a ridiculously cheap Moto G, but I was certainly consider prepaid. For people without need for huge minutes/data, or to get lots of one with little of the other, it seems like a real option.