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No info or help on your site for my phone!!

I have a samsung galaxy GT-S7560M. I can't access my sd card. It has a lot of storage available on it and my phone is full. Kies won't connect so I can't download my photos. I also can't store them on the card. There is no info on the Koodo site for my phone. so far I would no recommend Samsung to anyone.

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I'm not sure if the online manual will have all the answers to your questions, but it may help: http://help.koodomobile.com/phone-troubleshooting/samsung-galaxy-ace-II-x
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Just in case those user manuals don't contain all the info. To move pics from in your gallery to your sd card: (found through a google search) 1. From the home screen, tap on the Apps icon. 2. Open the My Files app. 3. You will see two folders in here if you have an SD card in device. SDCard0 is the internal memory of the device. ExtSDCard is the Micro SD card that was placed in the back of the phone. 4. Tap on SDCard0. 5. Tap on the DCIM folder. 6. Tap on the Camera folder. (This is where the phone first saved pictures taken by the camera by default) 7. Press the Menu button and then select Move. 8. The pictures will now have check boxes next to them. Tap on each picture you want to move to select them or tap on Select All at the top if you want to move all the pictures. 9. After you have the pictures selected, tap on Move at the top corner of the screen. 10. This will bring you back to the two main folders. Tap on ExtSDCard. 11. You can now look for a folder to place pictures in. (You can create a new folder by tapping on Create Folder up at the top and entering a folder name.) 12. Once you have the folder you want the pictures saved to selected, tap on Move Here at the top right corner. The pictures will now be moved If your phone won't connect via Kies. Try this: 1.) Disconnect your phone from USB. 2.) Go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debug. Enable it. 3.) Reboot your phone. 4.) Disable USB debug. 5.) Connect your phone.
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Another great app for managing files and moving them about your device is an app called "PowerGrasp" it's available in the PlayStore for free Here's a link and it works just like your PC works moving files about and copying, pasting, deleting, etc. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.malcolmsoft.powergrasp Also if you want pics to save directly to the SD Card when you YouTube them then go into the settings right in the camera app and select the option to save to external or SD Card (I forget how Samsung words it exactly)