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no data after data plan update

Updated data plan on two phones, one android, one apple. Immediately no data working any longer. Put in call to koodo, was informed that after data plan update you must reboot phone(cold, power off) as different data plans use different frequencies to move data in and out of phone. [b]Suggestion to Koodo, please tell all clients to power down phone(s) and then power up after data plan change(s) in your online plan update instructions.

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Agreed. These problems tend to happen in waves. Some other possible pitfalls:

english ref: https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/switched-plans-to-include-data-and-i-can-not-get-it-t...

french ref:  https://communaute.koodomobile.com/koodofr/topics/activation-3g