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No connection but connected to wi-fi

My Wi-Fi is on, my phone says I am connected to any Wi-Fi signal that is available to me (for instance, I am at work right now and am connected to Wi-Fi at work) but I am not able to get email notifications or facebook as it is saying that I have no connection. I have had this phone for over a year now and this has only recently started happening...what the heck is going on?

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Is there extra log in information you need to enter? Also, I'm assuming the network is working properly at your office (ie you can connect with your work computer)?
No extra log in info needed....been connected to this Wi-Fi many times before..network working properly.
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There might have been a change by the network administrator. Your phone still connects to the Wireless router / access point, but is prevented from reaching the internet. Just because you have wIfi does not mean you are connected through to the internet. Is there someone at your workplace who can confirm throughput to the internet?
That might be a solution if it were only happening at work but that is not the case. I was at a restaurant last night and could not connect there either. Also, I cannot connect to my Wi-Fi at home....
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What phone do you have? Have you recently updated the OS by any chance? I know some people that upgraded to iOS 8 have experienced WiFi connection issues since updating.