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nexus4. taking time to get wifi signal,,,like more than 2mins... 5mins

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Is this any wifi signal or a specific signal?
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Hi Sun, I had a customer with the same issues. There is a new update 4.2.2 that fixes unstability. I recommend that you check the settings and software update.
Hey guys,,yes its home wifi that quickly connecting to any other devices except my nexus 4..... i just got this on sunday now it has 4.4.2 .. it connected my wifi eventually but it just take too long(2~5mins) my wife got same one but hers works just fine within 15seconds... I'll see hows it doing then take it to the kiosk... Thank you
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Before you take it back to the kisok, On your home wifi router. Pull the black power cord out from the router and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in. This will force it to restart its firmware and connections Then try to connect to your home wifi again. If this solves your problem you may want to consider putting your home router on a timer to restart it daily when you're normally not home. Ours resets at 3am. We have had problems with our Linksys router and that seemed to solve it. If you still have issues then on your phone: Goto settings... Wifi... Longpress your home network... Choose forget.... Now rescan for networks and reconnect
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I had the same issue when I first got my Nexus 4. After theupdates for the OS, the issues were fixed. I did have to unplug the router for a minute or so.
Its all of sudden working fine! Weird... Thank you for your helping anyway . peace ~