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Nexus S Upgrade

Can I upgrade my Nexus S to Android ver. 4.3? It's currently running ver 4.1.1.

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I don't think Google will provide the update for it, I have the Galaxy Nexus and even that has reached the end of its update lifespan. You could try to go for CyanogenMod or another ROM though, if you're the brave kind 🙂
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To be honest, even rooting it for a custom Rom won't be worth it with its outdated hardware. 512 MB RAM is barely enough to run Android effectively, even with Kitkat lowering RAM requirements. The weak processor won't help things, either. I recommend upgrading to the Moto G, Desire 601, Nexus 4 or 5.
OK Jonathan, thanks for the advice.
Not being the "brave kind", I'll wait until I change phones!!
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I have a Nexus S and I think it is slowing down since I bought it. I asked somebody about it and apparently there is no TRIM support so it takes longer to save things the more you use it. I've been thinking of installing Cyanogenmod but haven't gotten around to it yet. It's strange to thing of something released less than four years ago as old but that's a mobile for you ...
I agree.