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Nexus S phone bug

Okay I have a problem. I cannot phone out of my Nexus s. I get maybe one good ring then just crackling and hissing. BUT people can phone me and it works fine. I have tried everything. I've restored it to stock Gingerbread, stock ICS, and stock JB, I even went so far as to flash different radios to my phone before resorting to stock. I spend the $10 on a new SIM card, but it still has the same issue, can't phone out. Oh, and all other audio works fine, no issues, just can't phone out. Last resort I buy a new phone, but I don't really want to. Anybody have any clue whats going on? Many thanks!

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I've had 3 Nexus S & never ran into this issue, have you Googled the issue & seen if anyone else is having that issue? I'd call Koodo & see if there is possibly something on their end because It doesn't seem like a software or hardware issue from your description.
I've spend the last three day's using google trying to find an answer 🙂 But I will phone them and see what they say. Thanks for the reply 🙂
Took it into a retailer, turns out it was the hardware, possibly the tower. So I grabbed another phone, BUT my nexus is still under warranty! So all in all it turned out okay.