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Nexus 6p took system update last night and now I am unable to send MMS text messages and get data warning that I never got before?

Have had my Nexus 6P working with Koodo prepaid for some time now but last night some system update came through and after it completed my phone is now showing a message that my mobile data has run out (I don't use any data add-on's ever) and I am unable to send MMS text messages anymore.  I use the base plan of unlimited texts (unlimited picture and regular texts in North America) and I have it auto renewing each month so my block of purchased voice minutes follow me each month.  Any ideas on what happened for me to start receiving this mobile data message and MMS texting no longer working?

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While updating, maybe your APN settings updated which made the MMS not work anymore. Is it possible?
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I'm not saying that it is 100% your issue, but there have been reports of various connection issues plaguing people after the Oreo update. I would check your APN settings to start, and then perhaps do a backup and factory reset. Factory resetting your device is a pain, but it does fix a lot of issues.
I at first thought it was the APN settings as when I first purchased the phone I had an issue with MMS messages but the APN settings adjustment fixed that.
I am currently doing a reset but am restoring everything I had backed up and I already tried to send an MMS and immediately the mobile data warning popped up and the MMS will not send.  My current APN settings are as follows:
APN Name ---sp.koodo.com
Proxy --not set
Port --not set
Username -- not set
Password --not set
Server--not set
MMSC - http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc
MMS proxy -
MMS Port - 80
MCC -- 302
MNC - 220
Auhentication type --not set
APN type -- default,mms,supl,dun
APN protocol --IPv4
APN Roaming protocol -- IPv4
APN Enable/disable -- APN enabled
MVNO type - GID
MNVO value - 4B

Do you guys see anything unusual with these above? 

I should add that I was running the beta oreo update but took the full version update over a week or two ago and was having no problems at all.  Last night's update was 37 meg and immediately after is when the issues began. 
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Do you have your data turned off on the phone by chance? It needs to be ON to send MMS messages.

As for the data warning, is it the phone giving you the warning, or an SMS from Koodo?

If it's the phone, I would check to make sure the data limit didn't get turned on which can block data after you hit the limit you set in the phone.
Data is turned on and no restrictions set as I don't have any data add-on's installed.  The phone is set to use the base plan of unlimited text messaging (both text and picture or SMS and MMS) and I have the base plan auto renewing so my voice minutes that I purchased follow me each month.  The message comes from the "Mobile Data Operator" and shows as an icon next to the carrier name on the top of the screen.  Swiping down shows the message and if you tap it, it opens Koodo's webpage to try and get me to purchase a data add-on.  The factory restore did do nothing to change this although I still have the restore option of not restoring my data and having the phone basically stock after it is restored.  Don't really want to go that route since it was working fine on Oreo until last night's 37 meg update which did not even change the version number of Oreo as it still says 8.0.0.