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Nexus 5 with audio issues and loose power buttons

i just got my nexus 5 and im so sad of how crappy its making me feel about purchasing it, im having low audio during calls and when i record video, i can hear hissing and audio interruption, and my power button is a lil loose and when i tap the top area of the screen i can hear the button shaking as if it was a 500 dollar toy, now they just released and update to android 4.4.1 and its slowly rolling out to the phones any day now, but it doesn't say if it fixes the audio issues it only mentions the camera improvement and things like that, i dont know if my issues are software related or if my phone is defective or not so im not sure what to do. i contacted google and there are going to be sending me a replacement but i fear that it will be the same issues again, other people online have posted that they have received a replacement with the same issues, so i just hope for a good working replacement is it just a bug that can be fixed in future updates, it is a new OS and a new phone so there will be issues from a launch device.

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Hi dwayne, If something is wrong with the phone (and it sounds like there might be, it's the first time I have heard of those issues), you'd be best off to go back to the store and claim your warranty 🙂 Can't promise what is wrong falls under warranty but you should definitely try! Edit: oops missed the fact you've already been sent a replacement! Thanks Myke 🙂 VVV
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Audio issues are always hardware related, never software related. Most likely an issue with the microphone/speaker. Since Google is sending you a replacement, you should be good to go.
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What is your question? Or are you just telling us of your experience? You need to remember that people only write things online about products they don't like. Rarely will people the time to go write about something they like. I'm sure the replacement will work fine:) Also, did you buy it from Google or Koodo? If you bought it from Google, remember that has nothing to do with Koodo.
i know this is koodo but alot of koodo people are having this issues as well, so i figured its the same, i just some understanding on this, people all over canada and US are having these same issues.
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I have a Nexus 5 & a few friends also have the Nexus 5 & haven't noticed any of the issues you are claiming. If your replacement device has the same issues then I'd say your really searching for these issues. Evidence of this is why the heck are you tapping at the top of the screen hard to make it make this noise & what's it matter if the buttons do rattle slightly? You should have a case on your phone anyways and as such it would be impossible to hear any buttons rattling. My call quality is great with no hissing or anything along those lines & ppl actually sound very clear and loud. 4.4.1 fixes many other things than just the camera so you should be happy with the new device.
Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

I have a Nexus 5 & a few friends also have the Nexus 5 & haven't noticed any of the issues you ar...

the buttons are loose, if u had the issue you would understand.
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Thats really sad Dwayne, I hope the replacement phone google sent you fixes most of this issues.