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Nexus 5, tab medium and availability question

Hi All, I'm on a really good plan, so don't want to change it. I decided to buy the nexus 5 with tab medium. This lead to two questions: 1. Can I keep my actual plan and be on tab medium. (I think it has answered before, but I want to double check as I really really don't want to loose my plan) 2. Is there another way to get the tab medium than in store? Unfortunately, all the stores from my place will not be carrying the Nexus 5. Thanks, Dan

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If your plan is $30 or more you will qualify for tab medium and yes you can keep your plan. Unfortunately Tab M is only available in store. 😞
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1. As long as it is $30+, than yes. You can then enjoy the same plan as before, but you'll have a $5 Tab charge to help pay off the subsidy until the Tab balance reaches 0 (24 months or less). 2. No. The only way to get Tab Medium is in store at this time. Sorry, bud. What stores are you referring to? Mobile Shop, Best Buy, Future Shop, etc. all carry Koodo and should carry the Nexus 5. I would call around and ask them first. If you're having difficulty this way, your other option is to simply buy the Nexus 5 from Google since they can ship it. You get access to both color options, both storage sizes, AND it's a cheaper retail price! Your only barrier would be that it's unsubsidized, so you'd have to pay $349 for the 16GB model and $399 for the 32 GB model. Plus, I'm not sure what the availability or estimated shipping times are either, so double check online.
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Jonathan I wrote:

1. As long as it is $30+, than yes. You can then enjoy the same plan as before, but you'll have a...

Right now from Google through the Playstore your looking at a 3-4 weeks wait period then 2-7 days to ship to you after that for both white models or Black models leave the warehouse December 3rd & will take 2-7 days from then to arrive your door. Here's the link to the Playstore https://play.google.com/store/devices/details/Nexus_5_32GB_Black?id=nexus_5_black_32gb&hl=en