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Nexus 5 power issues

I have had my nexus 5 for roughly a year now and still have some left on my tab. Just recently my phone has been acting up; it is shutting off by itself and when I go to turn it on it begins to turn on then shuts off again. I googled this issue and it seems the nexus 5 is known for power button issues causing this exact problem. Am I still eligible to get this fixed, and if so what do I need? I cannot find the receipt for when I purchased it but like I said, I still have a tab remaining from it.

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Hi Damon,

You can bring it to a Koodo kiosk and they will be able to tell when it was purchased (if it was from Koodo) and then if you are still under the manufacturer's warranty, they will be able to send it off for repairs for you. Just bring some ID to prove that the account is yours. Your driver's license should suffice. 
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Log into your self serve account and look under tab and you'll be able to see exactly when you purchased it since you used the tab to do so.