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Nexus 5 in Windows Explorer

I have a Nexus 5 as well as a Lenovo computer running Windows 8.1 64 bit. Until tonight, whenever I would connect my phone via USB to my computer, it would automatically appear in Windows Explorer...now all of a sudden it does not. It is not pattern locked and it shows up in the Devices and Printers window within the Control Panel (as an unspecified device). Any idea how I can fix this?

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Maybe it is a problem with the USB port you are using. Try restarting the computer and using another USB port. MY computer does the same with many USB memory cards or HDD and I suppose it is because it is starting to get old...
I tried restarting the computer and using different USB ports...no luck. The computer recognizes it...it makes the same sound as when any other USB connected device is plugged in. For whatever reason it just won't show up on Windows Explorer
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Hi Adam,

The Nexus phones have had issues with connecting to the newer versions of Windows software so you may need to install a new driver to your computer for the computer to recognize the phone. I've searched for a solution in regards to your phone and I have a link you can check out and see if that will help solve the issue.


Hope this helps 🙂
Thanks Daniel, will check it out tonight!
So I ended up uninstalling the driver, unplugging the device and reinstalling the driver and now it works...thanks for all of your help guys!