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Nexus 5 boot loop issue

I have a Nexus 5 that is approximately 4 months old. One time after the phone was off I went to charge the phone via a wall outlet. The phone then displayed it was updating the firmware on the phone. After multiple hours the phone had not surpassed 0% (I though it might be charging over wifi that I was connected to prior, but it seems that it was trying to download via USB). So I unplugged the phone and was able to turn it off. On turning the phone back on, it started a boot loop that has not stopped. I tried to load the phone through the recovery mode however that has not helped. When I researched the "boot loop" topic it seems to occur when mods, roms or custom OS have been loaded. However I have never loaded these softwares so that is not my problem.

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If you've never modded the phone in any way, then this would be covered under warranty. Are you the original owner of the phone? If you bought it secondhand, someone may have modded it and if that's the case, LG would deny warranty. I would recommend that you initiate a warranty repair. Koodo will send the phone on your behalf if you've purchased from Koodo.
Thanks Ill try that.