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Nexus 5 Battery ISSUE

Hi I purchased the nexus 5 from koodo in march and I am already having huge battery issues. My phone even with minimal use always dies within hours. what can i do? is the battery under warranty

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Since it's embedded, yes. How many hours are we talking about here? If it's around 8 then that is normal with high usage or leaving things running in the background. Make sure you turn off GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Data, and auto-sync when you're not intending to use them and keep your screen brightness around 50% to save battery.
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Go into your settings menu and click on battery and see what's taking the majority of the battery power from your list of apps, if it's an app you really don't need try uninstalling it and see if that improves things as wellas do eeverything Johnathan suggested which the screen brightness takes the most power always so it's the most important to adjust and dimas much as ccomfortably possible.
I own a Nexus 5 as well. Sadly, in terms of battery life 8-10 hours is the maximum you can get out of it on heavy usage. Also, I NEVER use auto brightness as the auto brightness is buggy and its always quite higher than it should be.