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Nexus 5 Battery

Hello: I got this phone in August and it has recently started having major issues that I have researched online and it looks like I need a battery replacement. My questions: 1. This is under warranty, correct? 2. If I take my phone to the Koodo kiosk will my phone have to be sent away and will I lose my pictures, etc? 3. Is there a possibility that they can get a battery in and replace it on site so as not to lose my pictures, etc? Thank you!

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Does your phone still function? If so grab an app called carousel from the play store. Configured properly and over a wifi connection this app backs up all your pictures to the cloud so they are never lost.

1. Only the manufacturer can determine if your issue is covered under the warranty. Koodo acts as a middleman sending your device to the manufacturer for repair.

2. Koodo sends devices back to the manufacturer for repairs so it's likely you may not get that particular device back and instead get a replacement or that you will get your device back but it may have been reset. In either scenario your photos would be wiped. In the best case scenario you'll get the same phone back with a new battery and everything intact but it's a gamble.

3. If I remember correctly the nexus 5 battery isn't removable so it would need to be handled by a technician from the manufacturer. Hope this helps.
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Chad Burr wrote:

Does your phone still function? If so grab an app called carousel from the play store. Configur...

No need to download a 3rd party app as all pictures can be backed up to your Google account. Set it to automatically back up and every time your phone connects to a wifi connection it will automatically back up any new pictures or videos to either Google + or to google drive.
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Yes batteries are covered under the warranty. Obviously not for physical/liquid damage. The manufacturer can help you determine whether or not the issue is due to a problem with the battery, being covered isn't the concern as all manufacturer warranties cover the phones batteries anyways. The battery in the Nexus 5 is non-removable so it would be impossible to get a replacement on-site. Regardless though, they do not do replacements on-site. Hope everything works out!