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Nexus 4 wont turn on

My Nexus 4 was charging then all of a sudden it powered off and there is a red led light glowing on the bottom. The phone won't turn on, any advice what to do?

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that would be the red light of death.you can buy a battery replacement kit on amazon. I'm assuming it's the battery that has the issue.
I plugged it in waited a little and it tried to turn it back on again and now its working again. So you're saying my phone is probably just going to die soon?
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Alexander Nelson wrote:

I plugged it in waited a little and it tried to turn it back on again and now its working again. ...

Did you just plug in the phone to charge when this happened? What was the battery level like? Sometimes when the battery gets critically low, the phone will shut off (even if connected to a power source). At this point, you have to leave it charging and you'll eventually be able to power it back on after a while.
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Hey Alexander, If your phone is under the 1 year warranty, simply bring it to the nearest Koodo Store: http://koo.do/locator123 and an agent will take a look at it and take it from there. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Sometimes when you alow the battery to drain to 0% it can sometimes permanently kill it if it's done multiple times. Also if the battery is fully charged and it's still plugged in this can cause this as well. As mentioned above if you're having issues I'd consider sending your phone in to repair at a Koodo Kiosk.
I currently have the same problem with my Nexus 4. The phone would randomly shut down, and I wouldn't be able to power it up again. The phone would be at least 75% charged. When I plug the charger to the phone, a solid red light would be displayed. I've taken the phone to the nearest Koodo store to have it diagnosed and had submitted it for repair. I just got my phone back yesterday, and all they did was factory reset the phone and downgraded it from Android 4.4.2 to Android 4.3. Just today, my phone displayed the same symptoms. I know it can't be a software issue, it must be a hardware issue. I went to another Koodo store to talk to the representative today. And he said that he can take my phone and submit it for repair again, and all they'll do is just do another factory reset. I thought they were going to at least test the battery or hardware, but they didn't even do that. My 1 year warranty is almost up, and I'm at a loss.
My Nexus 4 started to randomly shut down and sometimes 4-5 times throughout the day. This started about 6 months after I purchases it and I should have sent it back. The only way to turn it back on was to hold the power button for 10 - 15 secs. Just this past weekend I was charging the phone, got a text and noticed the charge was at 68% so I left it charging. About an hour later I noticed the red light. The phone wouldn't turn on and every possible fix that I found has not worked. Tried several key combinations, and different variations of key combinations while plugging the phone in etc. etc. and nothing worked. I called LG and they wanted me to do the same things I had already tried. Because it's 2 months out of warranty LG wanted to charge me $150 to repair it. UMMM NO!. Because it is out of warranty, I took the back off to test the battery and it is holding a charge no problem. Tried flipping up and putting back in place the battery bridge (found on youtube), but nothing has worked. I am at a complete loss. I can't even do a factory reset because I can't get the darn thing to even boot up. Is there another way to do a factory reset? Would love to know, however, I have little confidence that the phone will be without issues. The random shutting down is a known issue and the red light of death is all over the internet too.